Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Chanel Revelation Le Blush Creme de Chanel Review

It was pure luxury when i swiped some Chanel Revelation on my cheek.My new fave!
Revelation is a very natural color on the cheek,a soft pink that's shimmery but not too shimmery.It is shimmery on your cheeks but there is no sparkle in the blush which is great!
Its creme in the pan but when you apply to your cheeks,its so velvety and turns into a blendable powder. Its really amazing and it is amazing quality!
I love the creme to powder foundations.
So i know that Chanel blushes usually have a pretty scent but this 1 does not and i was a bit sad because this was my first Chanel product that i bought but i guess its good news to those with sensitive skin.

Chanel Revelation

Packaging-Black Velvet Pouch

If you feel it appears to light on your cheeks,you can always layer it up.
It look great on a fresh face and it lasts all day long.I do spray Mac Fix spray so i also think that plays a huge part in its staying power.
Without my Mac Fix Spray,i would say a touch up every 4 hours.
I think that this blush will work well with any skin tone.Its very versatile.
This is a satin blush which explains the velvetyness :)
You can apply with a brush or your fingers..well since im still hunting for the best blush brush(any suggestions?)
I am using my fingers and it does a great job! It really does.

Wearing Chanel Revelation Applied Lightly With My Fingers

Next on my list is Chanel Presage which is what i originally wanted but its not in the country as yet :(
There is a delay with the shipment and i am calling everyday (just in case) ! :) I think i am becoming quite a pest hahaha
I have NO regrets whatsoever when i purchased this blush.I actually want ALL ..oh well let see what happens :) maybe i will win the lottery lol
I am very loyal to Mac and always will be but when it comes to blushes....i am now leaning more toward Chanel.Its really worth the buy and EVERY WOMAN should own atleast 1 Chanel product :)
Packaging-Gorgeous and i feel really special because it comes in a black velvet pouch
Longetivity-Touch up every 4 hours.Once the fading begins,its starts to disappear very quickly


I layered It Up On My Face For A More Dramatic Effect But I Prefer It Natural