Saturday, 10 August 2013

Essence Stay With Me Lipgloss-Cotton Candy Review


The name Stay With Me Long-Lasting Lip gloss by Essence says it all!This brand is absolutely fabulous and budget friendly!
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The Magic Wand -Applicator

The name Stay With Me Long-Lasting Lip gloss by Essence says it all!
How pretty
The texture is so deliciously creamy that it's simply irresistible.
My favorite thing about this lip gloss is that ,it does not leave that sticky feeling on your lips after you have applied it on.Its extremely moisturizing and i LOVE that!
I applied this gloss on at 11am and it is now 3pm!Guess what? This lip gloss is still on my lips ,shiny,moisturizing and with that subtle pop of color .im actually surprised it is lasting so long on my lip.I did not even need to apply a lip balm before i applied this gloss on,its actually a lip balm itself!Im so impressed and much more impressed because Essence products are so affordable and their quality is awesome!Even better than some of the high end products i have tried.INCREDIBLE!

Cotton Candy

The special shape of the applicator allows an effortless application.
I got the color "Cotton Candy",It is bright pink in the packaging but it is actually quite light on the lip.

I also must mention the scent of this lip gloss,it really does smell like cotton candy.It has a sweet,fruity tutty smell to it.Gorgeous!

There are so many colors to choose from!Trendy colors are waiting to make your lips pop!

I love this product and adore the brand!
Awesome packaging.
Smells Delicious.

I only have good things to say :)

Model Inc Fibre Lashes Review


Eyelash extensions all in a little bottle. 
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Pretty Packaging In Pink

The goal of this product is to give you long, thick eyelashes instead of going to get eyelash extensions.

It comes with 2 mascaras.1 is a normal black mascara and the other little 1 has like white fluff on it. Instructions are to coat with black mascara then coat with fibre lash and then finally finishing off with another coat of black mascara.They say on the box that you should coat your eyelashes from the bottom to the tip with the white fluff mascara.
I actually feel its better when I apply the white fluff only on the tip...I feel my eyelashes are longer.

Left-No Mascara and Right-Model inc

This is a very high end and pricey product but I think that there are better mascaras out there that cost much less.I guess if you use a an eyelash curler, it also plays a part.I sometimes take my hairdryer and heat up my eyelash curler and my lashes curl beautifully. 
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Very expensive.i have tried on better mascaras which are much more affordable. I bought this from the Rubybox 80% off sale so I was one of the lucky ones to try this product out at such an affordable usually cost R350 and I bought it for R120.
Check the lashes out :)

Justine And Avon Nail Polish Review


A pretty long lasting pop of coral colour. Very pretty.


What a stunning spring /summer colour.
You would think this would be more pinkish and the name does say wild strawberry but its actually a gorgeous, fun and summery coral pop of  colour.

There is no need for more than 1 coat but I always do 3 coats and a clear polish over which is the 3rd coat.

It Goes on smooth and very shiny... love it.

I painted my nails on Tuesday and its still looking decent on my nails and today is Friday.

And my nails grow really fast!

I wanted to do something more interesting so I painted a glitter pigmented Avon nail polish on every second nail (silver plated-R30).
Justine and Avon

I love sparkle but I definitely know my limit lol.When it comes to nails and when i am doing it myself, simple is better and I received so many compliments thus far..I actually felt so professional when its so simple and easy ! You just need a few minutes to yourself and its very therapeutic for me.

Very pretty coral colour thats perfect for summer!

Revlon Pink Happiness Review


Happiness all in 1 pretty pink bottle! :)
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Red Square

Pink happiness really does bring me happiness :) Its a sweet floral type of perfume that makes me feel feminine and romantic.

I would describe the scent as sweet floral,fruity and pink cotton candy:) The scent is sharp at first but as it develops and settles in,it has a very pleasant ,fresh and lovely smell.

The smell does not last that long on me,maybe for an hour? and the scent starts to fade...but i do get the whiff of it here and there.its a good everyday perfume to use or to keep in your bag at work.

I love the packaging,This is happiness in a pretty pink bottle...Just the way happiness should be :) Well done Revlon! 
Pink happiness really does bring me happiness :) Its a sweet floral type of perfume that makes me feel feminine and romantic.

Revlon Deep Nude Review


Gorgeous Pinkish Nude that moisturizes my lips with a pop of gorgeous color.

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Beautiful Colour
This is a really beautiful lipstick color. I would mainly say that it is red, but not what you would consider a classic red lipstick....not like the reds in the Color sensational line,This is more of an office-appropriate, or even an every day kind of a red, that is more natural looking Hence the name,Deep Nude..
Deep Nude looked pure red at first! but if you look at it up close you can see a pink glint and a neutral undertone 

This is very warm, with hints of coral. It is a fresh shade that i can wear every day :)
No scent and great wearabilty without it drying your lips. Revlon Super Lustrous is winner lipstick in the Revlon line, and this is a great color
It does not last long on my lips though,i would say after 30 minutes i would have too reapply

Revlon Deep Nude

Creamy texture,just slides on your lips.Its best to put lip balm first before applying this lipstick.