Monday, 25 November 2013

Gavin Rajah For Legit

Famous designer Gavin Rajah collaborates with Legit for a sophisticated and sexy clothing line.

Now available at all Legit stores!

My Favourites are the Shoes :) 

I have posted some of the designs that i like!

Now we can own designer pieces at an AFFORDABLE  price.


   Gavin Rajah for LEGiT: Flipbook


Green bodycon dress
Green Bodycon Dress R299.99 (also available in blue)
Monochrome dress
Monochrome Dress R329.99

Bejewelled neckpiece
Lace prom dress
Lace Prom Dress R329.99
Sequin dress
Sequin Dress R499.99

Ankle-strap heels

Orange chain link stilettos






Avon Mega Effects Mascara Review

When i saw this little mascara packaged in pink and black,i knew that i MUST own it!

So i ordered it for R100 from an Avon representative and i tested it out.


The mascara looks cute and is very compact as well.The applicator itself is a wide brush with an adjustable handle made for an easier ,less messy, application.It resembles a paint brush and i have never seen a mascara like this before!


It really gives your lashes a pop of volume and some length.

BUT honestly,it did NOT do it for me.I tried it twice and it will be the last time i use this only because it is so MESSY! It was a bit clumpy on my lashes as well and i could not reach those lashes towards the inner corner of my eye.The paintbrush applicator was not helpful at all.

So,that was my honest opinion.Whats your thoughts on this mascara?