Friday, 1 August 2014

Makeup Organizers-Declutter Your Space

If you love Kim Ks makeup storage unit,
you NEED to read this! 

Kim Kardashians Makeup Storage

Kim K

Your Ultimate Storage Solution
With a Range of Uniquely Elegant Acrylic Displays.
I am going to recommend 3 websites to buy makeup storage units.

Perfect for all your makeup,nail polish and brushes.

Designed to perfectly store makeup items such as
- Eyeshadows. - Lipsticks / glosses
- Mascara
- Eyeliner
- Bronzers
- Foundations & more

Before i go on... This is my makeup storage unit below (From 27Pinkx)
I really need another 1..preferably the ones with crystal sparkly handles (Those are SO pretty)

The first website is 27pinkx and this is where i got my makeup organizer from.

Its so convenient and now i use all my makeup because i can see where everything is.

The second website is GlamCubes Declutter & Create a Stunning Elegant Space.

And the Final website is Shewolf Products - Create a clutter free environment with your makeup storage.

They also sell lipstick stands and other goodies...take a look and choose your pick.

BUDGET TIP - Clicks and Dischem are also selling GREAT makeup organiszers.
Clicks has the acrylic 3 drawer ones which you can just stack on top of each other (R80)

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