Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Nude Lipsticks For Light & Dark Skin Tones

Hey Beautiful Ladies!

Nude is always on trend, so I decided to put together this post for anyone who may be eager to try a more natural makeup look but is finding it difficult choosing the right nude lipstick colour.

People dont know how hard it is to find the PERFECT nude lipstick! 
The perfect nude lipstick has to blend in with your skin tone and look natural.
Finding anything in flesh tone (from fashion to makeup) is a challenge.

My perfect nude lipstick for now is Mac Mocha.
It blends well and perfect for my skin colour.
I want Mac Freckletone next :) 

Mac Mocha

Nude Lips Guidelines:

  1. Exfoliate - Dry chapped lips and nude lips do not work well. Make sure that your lips are well moisturized and i suggest using a lip scrub to rid the dead skin on your lips.You do NOT want dry and flaky lips.
  2. Cover Up - Everybody has a different lip colour Applying foundation or concealer on your lips will create the perfect base for a nude lipstick.  Also, stay away from cooler nude colours with grey undertones because they can make you look dull and pale. 
  3. Avoid White - Nude lipstick is not white lipstick! Many girls haved sported the well-known ashy lips in the name of nude. Stick to beige and very light pink tones.
  4. Dramatic Eyes - A nude lipstick is a perfect way to play/pimp up your eyes.Get creative with your eye makeup.A dark smoky eye will give you that dramatic look and will stand out with just the right nude lipstick.

Fair  to Medium Skin: (think Jessica Chastain, Rita Ora)  

Try – Bobbi Brown Uber Beige, MAC Lipstick in Creme D’ Nude

jessica chastain

Light to Dark Olive Skin:(think Kim Kardashian, Padma Lakshmi, Jennifer Lopez ) 

Tan/Golden Skin: (think Beyonce)  

Caramel Skin: (think Halle Berry to Queen Latifah)  

Try – BB Golden Brown or Heather Mauve, MAC Lipstick in Fresh Brew, MAC Lipstick in Siss, MAC Lipstick in Stay in Touch, MAC Lipstick in Touch

Dark Skin: (think Nia Long to Gabrielle Union)

Try – BB Cocoa, Mac Hug Me, MAC Lustreglass in Trance Plant, MAC Lipstick in Icon, MAC Lipstick in Shitaki, NARS Lipgloss in Hustler, MAC Lipstick in Coconutty

Deep Skin(think Kelly Rowland, Tika Sumpter, Alek Wek)

Try – BB Hot Cocoa or ChocolateMAC Lipstick in Coconutty, MAC Lustreglass in Trance Plant,Mac Lipstick in Hug Me

Just to summarize :
Fair Skin: (think Nicole Kidman) 
BB Beige, MAC Lipstick in Creme D’ Nude

Medium Skin: (think Sarah Jessica Parker)
 BB Blush or Uber Beige, MAC Lipstick in Creme D’ Nude

Light Olive Skin: (think Kim Kardashian)
 BB Uber Beige, MAC Lipstick in Freckletone

Olive Skin: (think Padma Lakshmi) 
BB Brownie Pink or Brown, MAC Lipstick in Cherish, MAC Lipstick in Taupe
Tan/Golden Skin: (think Jennifer Lopez to Beyonce) 
BB Brownie or Beige, MAC Lipstick in Freckletone, MAC Lipstick in Fresh Brew, MAC Lisptick in Velvet Teddy, MAC Lipstick in Half N’ Half

Caramel Skin: (think Halle Berry to Queen Latifah) 
BB Golden Brown or Heather Mauve, MAC Lipstick in Fresh Brew, MAC Lipstick in Siss, MAC Lipstick in Stay in Touch, MAC Lipstick in Touch

Dark Skin: (think Nia Long to Gabrielle Union)
 BB Cocoa,MAC Lipstick in Icon, MAC Lipstick in Shitaki)
Deep Skin: (think Kelly Rowland to Alek Wek) 
BB Hot Cocoa or Chocolate, MAC Lipstick in Coconutty, MAC Lustreglass in Trance Plant

And thats it :) 

I hope you enjoyed my post and im going to end it with all the looks i love.
Have a gorgeous day!

Monday, 4 August 2014


Hey Ladies

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Friday, 1 August 2014

Makeup Organizers-Declutter Your Space

If you love Kim Ks makeup storage unit,
you NEED to read this! 

Kim Kardashians Makeup Storage

Kim K

Your Ultimate Storage Solution
With a Range of Uniquely Elegant Acrylic Displays.
I am going to recommend 3 websites to buy makeup storage units.

Perfect for all your makeup,nail polish and brushes.

Designed to perfectly store makeup items such as
- Eyeshadows. - Lipsticks / glosses
- Mascara
- Eyeliner
- Bronzers
- Foundations & more

Before i go on... This is my makeup storage unit below (From 27Pinkx)
I really need another 1..preferably the ones with crystal sparkly handles (Those are SO pretty)

The first website is 27pinkx and this is where i got my makeup organizer from.

Its so convenient and now i use all my makeup because i can see where everything is.

The second website is GlamCubes Declutter & Create a Stunning Elegant Space.

And the Final website is Shewolf Products - Create a clutter free environment with your makeup storage.

They also sell lipstick stands and other goodies...take a look and choose your pick.

BUDGET TIP - Clicks and Dischem are also selling GREAT makeup organiszers.
Clicks has the acrylic 3 drawer ones which you can just stack on top of each other (R80)

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

16 Awesome Beauty Uses For Common Household Items

Saving money is NOT  an easy task for most women. Between today’s cost of living and pretty much everything else we do, it sometimes feels like there’s just not enough to go around. That’s why a girl’s gotta be resourceful when it comes to her beauty products,.
Be sure to share your tips in the comment below. :) 

1. Distilled white vinegar
This pantry staple removes stubborn gel cheek stain residue from your hands faster than soap and water, and it won’t dry out your skin.

2. Tin foil
Did you know that tin foil can be used to create curly hair when coupled with a flatiron?

3. Cinnamon
Got a pimple? Mix a little cinnamon with honey to spot-treat your zits.

4. Toothpicks
Standard toothpicks are a foolproof way to spot-fix any nail polish mistakes.

5. Lipbalm
If you’ve nicked yourself with a razor , applying some classic Lipbalm can soothe, heal, and stop a minor cut from bleeding.

6. Microwave
Great for heating up your eyelash curler.

7. Vodka
Did you know that soaking your razor in vodka not only cleans it, but keeps it sharper longer? Also, if you mix a little vodka with water and spray on your clothes, it’ll get rid of lingering perfume smells if you can’t make it to the dry cleaner.

8. An old business card
Use the edge of a business card or a Post-It note to draw a flawless cat-eye using eyeliner

9. Vaseline
Who knew dabbing a touch of Vaseline wherever you spray perfume makes your scent last longer. Why? Because the oils found in petroleum jelly “holds on” to scents and prevents evaporation.

10. Olive oil
Take a tip from the pros and clean heavily soiled makeup brushes by spilling a few drops of olive oil on a paper towel and swirling your tools in it until the makeup breaks down.

11. Metal spoons
Sure, keeping ‘em in the fridge and popping them over your eyes to combat puffiness is a good trick, but who knew that you can curl your eyelashes with a spoon?

12. Raw honey
Raw honey makes an amazing face mask.

13. Shaving cream
Did you know regular shaving cream removes icky foundation and bronzer stains from shirt collars? It does!

14 Cooking spray
Giving yourself a manicure? Grab a can of cooking spray from the kitchen after you’re done, and spray your nails from about six inches away. This helps dry the polish

15. Toothpaste
We’ve all heard the one about toothpaste getting rid of zits, but did you know it also can be used to whiten yellow? It works! Add in a few drops of lemon juice—a natural bleaching agent—for extra effects

16. Baby powder
Did you know that makeup artists use it to make eyelashes look long and full? Simply curl your lashes, apply one coat of mascara, dust a little baby powder along your top and bottom lashes with a Q-tip or makeup applicator, then add another coat

Monday, 10 March 2014

Essence - St Patricks Day

Good Morning my gorgeous readers!

So i do apologize for been M.I.A but i have been on a very crazy new routine from January!

I am in the process of achieving 1 of my New Years Resolutions (getting fit and healthy) and it is a slow progress but i am getting there :) I try to make time where i can :)

St Patricks Day is next week and ESSENCE have some fabulous make up ideas with some fabulous products available to achieve this look.

Perfect eye primer 

Perfect shade of green!!! Eyepencil and eyeshadow! WOW!!! I love a 2 in 1 makeup product and Essence does NOT disappoint.

Feel complete with a minty fresh glossy lip

Add some bling and jewels for a more dramatic look to your smokey eye

Green liner on the bottom lid will make your eye pop with colour