Friday, 11 October 2013

Riri Hearts Mac Purchase And Swatches

Hi Honeyz

WOW,I have not done a blog post in a loooooooooog time..
Well...Rihanna is definitely on a roll these days.She is  a very busy lady!

Makeup launches,video releases and her world tour and getting weird tats on her hand...Kind of crazy,watch this video as she endures the pain of them hammering ink to her hand just looks so OUCH!

So back to MAC ! Rihannas fav shade awas Ruby Woo,she pimped it up and made it Riri Woo...Every girls dream to pimp up a Mac lipstick and name it after them :)

Oh Well...atleast my lipstick name is Candy Yum Yum and a quite popular shade as well :) lucky me..

I love hearing stories of the crazy things us girls do for the search of a SPECIFIC makeup product we want!

The Riri Collection was such a pleasent shopping experience unlike a bad experience i have had with another brand.I really hate it when they announce that their collection is out but not ALL their colors are available to the public.
Its extremely frustrating.

I also thought Riri Woo would get sold out in 1 day but they still had alot the next few days and now it is available online  Mac South Africa.

I have not had time to play around and experiment with the colours yet but when i do,i will post more pictures.

I have purchased  Riri Woo,Talk That Talk ,Diamonds Base and a Smoked Cocoa Palette.

I thought my favourite buy would be Riri Woo but its actually Talk That Talk (a deep purple/plum).I have not used Diamonds yet but on my skintone it would be great as a highlighter or a eyeshadow base.
It is a champagne colour that has fine shimmer in it..gorgeous and oh so creamy.

I will do a seperate review on Riri Woo once i have tried and tested it out properly..i love that it has Riris initial on the lippie.
Im so in love with the packing,its just SO PRETTY!

I swatched Talk That Talk , Riri Woo and Diamonds with flash.

My Riri Collection-With Flash

My Swatches from left to right-Talk That Talk,Riri Woo and Diamonds

Gorgeous Packaging

Everyone going for the concert this weekend,have fun,be safe and look fabulous :) I bet everyone will be wearing their Riri Woo and Talk That Talk :)
Signing out xxx

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