Saturday, 31 August 2013

Favourite Recent Purchase

Hi Beauties

I just want to share 1 of my favourite recent buys.

My MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick :)

Its a gorgeous pretty bright matte pink with blue undertones
Super pigmented
Lasts a long time
Eye catching
Great when doing an ombre lip

It can be a bit drying but thats not enough to put me off! Lol

Just make sure that your lips are soft, moisturized and exfoliated and you ready to apply! It lasts a very long time on your lip and I love that.

Its a lovely statement color!
I am NC45 and it still compliments my skintone even though this lippie has blue undertones.
You can wear Candy Yum Yum in so many ways! I love using red lipliner with it.What a stunning combination.

When I have this on my lip I prefer to have simple eye makeup with a small kitten flick as this lipstick is bold as it is.

A perfect summer must have!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Chanel Creme Blushes

Hi Beauties

I am really excited about Chanels new collection.
I am mostly excited about their creme blushes.I want to get my hands on Revelation and Presage.

Revelation is a pinkish coral and Presage is more of an apricot color.Absolutely stunning.

Review coming soon!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Avon Metal Eyes Eyeshadow Quad and Avon Primer in Light Beige Review

Avon just released a new range of eye shadow quads,lip crayons and lipsticks.

You will find all the new products in the current Avon brochure.
I have the Avon primer for eyes to review and the eye shadow quad called Metal Eyes! :)

Avon Primer and Quad

Tells you where the numbered eye shadow goes on which parts of the eye

Where to Buy
From any Avon Representative

-Avon promises Rich colors that glide on your eye preventing any creasing.
-Shades suitable for EVERY skin tone.
-Smokey eyes have never been this easy because the eye shadows are numbered and the box tell you what goes where.

1.Lightest:Brow Bone
2.Accent:Inner Corner
3.Medium:Outer Corner
     4.Darkest:Lash lines


The fun part is experimenting and applying the colors where ever you want but the numbered eye shadow helps...ALOT.

-The color in the pan is the same color that appears on your eyes which i love and swatching is not even necessary.
I did a swatch of the Metal Eyes quad.

Metal Eyes is a collection of Shimmer White,Gold,Bronzed Brown and Gunpowder Glitter/Pewter.
All these shadows are very pigmented and the white and gold/yellow shadow have the MOST sparkle to them.

These shades swatched nicely especially the pigmented yellow gold..a very rich glittery yellow.
The white shadow is very sparkly and you do not see much of the white.Its very sheer.

I also used an Avon eye primer which is just creamy and gorgeous! I got the 1 in light beige and the texture is so buttery.It just glided on my eye so a little goes a long way!
This primer really keeps eye shadow in place.After i did my look,i wanted to try another and it was so hard for my shadows to come off! So this quad is best paired up with the Avon eye primer.

Avon Primer in Light Beige

Primer swatched

When the darker shades gets blended out ,its starts to look sheer :( i guess thats normal so it is more wearable,but you just keep have to applying and layer it up if you want a more dramatic look.
Use a blending brush and just blend!!!!
Quality wise ,i would say its average.I did not like the fallout when applying the shadows on my eye.

With this quad,its best to do eye shadow first then the rest of your face.

This shadows lasted me about a few hours - i kept on touching up on my outer corners because i went for a smokey effect.


The Avon Eye shadow Palette Range

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Clinique Chubby Stick Review

The perfect marriage between a moisturizing lip balm and a full coverage lip colour,” and this is NO broken promise! 
The Chubby Stick has no smell it is a scent-free, paraben-free formula.

Where to Buy
Any Clinique Counter

So,i took a walk to Clinique this weekend and temptation to the Clinique Chubby 
Sticks sucked me into their zone :) 

I always wanted a Clinique Chubby Stick and as i walked towards the variety and i mean VARIETY,it was really hard to choose which 1 i want!

They have the original Chubby stick for lips AND the new INTENSE Chubby stick for lips not to mention the new range for eyes!
Clinique’s Chubby Sticks Intense are basically Chubby Sticks with added junk in the trunk while the regular ones are just a mellow type of color and more sheer than pigmented.
I do love the old shades because they are great for everyday wear(semi sheer).

But this review is on the Chubby stick for lips that i have purchased:) The original is more sheer and glossy whereas the intense is very much pigmentated and has a splash of colour on your lip!All Chubby sticks are fragrance free I chose a very daring coral color called Heftiest Hibiscus from the intense range and i chose Graped Up from the original range.

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Color Balm swatches
Chubby Stick Intense Swatches

The Original Chubby Stick Range-The Shades: Richer Raisin, Graped-Up, Super Strawberry, Woppin’ Watermelon, Chunky Cherry, Mega Melon, Whole Lotta Honey and Fuller FigThe new shades are written in red -Heaping Hazelnut, Bountiful Blush, Two Ton Tomato, Oversized Orange, Mighty Mimosa, Curvy Candy, Pudgy Peony and Voluptuous Violet

This is what i bought - Heftiest Hibiscus from the Intense range.

Heftiest Hibiscus
This is a orange coral color with hints of red and a bit of glossiness!

The Intense range is a more pigmented version of the Chubby sticks.This richer version is described as a “nourishing tinted balm halfway between sheer and opaque.”

This color is opaque with some translucency where your natural lip color still comes through.Its a creamy ,balm like application that enables easy glide on application and feels comfortable to wear.

This color was extremely hydrating on my lips and lasted 4 hours.

I also like that the Chubby stick has twist up packaging and theres no sharpening required.

This is what i bought - Graped Up form the Original range

Graped Up

I love that no matter how dry my lips are,Cliniques original Chubby stick just glides on and leave my lips soft and smooth!It like a gorgeous chic tinted lip balm.
Do not let the picture fool you.This is a very light and glossy color.
The Clinique Chubby Sticks are lusciously glossy, hydrating, and pretty
the staying powder isn’t all that great, but they’re super easy to apply and perfect for Spring/Summer :)

What i love :

1. Moisturizing and balmy in texture.

2.Variety of colors to play with suitable for everyday use

3. Easy twist-up

4. Other than Oversized Orange none have glitter particles..

5. Easy to remove.


What i dont really love: 

1.The price! Its R215,quite pricey!




Saturday, 17 August 2013

Smashbox Lash Dna Review

This mascara provides length and a curl effect.Has a unique brush that catches all the hard to reach lashes.

Where to Buy

Before and After
This is what Smashbox says:
Smashbox Lash DNA Mascara contains a proprietary complex of proteins and amino acids that bind to lashes-creating mega-length and curl while conditioning and rebuilding former lash damage. The double-helix brush lengthens and separates every lash, no matter how small, for the ultimate fanned-out effect.
This is what I say:)
According to Smashbox, this mascara seems to be all about the brush and the brush is its most redeeming feature.It gives me lashes I want without any clumps.
The brush works great to add a false lash effect. The brush has an hourglass shape but Still gets bigger on the end.


I love that this mascara does not leave my lashes hard and stiff but rather soft and defined. I find that its also easy to remove this mascara from my lashes.
I love using it in the evening. It also does not irritate my eye like other mascaras do.its very gentle and eye friendly:)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


I love this! :) 

Moroccan Oil Review

I absolutely love this stuff and it has definitely been my standout product!

As per Moroccan oil- 'Moroccan oil has unique quality of instant absorption into hair, creating an instant shine and long term conditioning without leaving residue.'

Direction for use:

For healthy looking, smooth and striking shiny hair, apply a small amount throughout damp hair, style as usual. (i apply 2 pumps because my hair is quite thick)

Moroccan oil worth the investment! Plus it does work out to quite good value. This bottle should last over a whole year before I need to repurchase. See,its not that expensive when you see things in a different way :) You dont need to pump alot of product at all.I also love to use it to tame my frizz and fly aways.
Doesn't weight the hair down at all. My hair feels healthier, softer and lighter.My fingers just glide through my hair.


I work the Moroccan Oil into my damp hair from the mid-length to ends or from ends to mid length. I then use what's left on my palms to go on the top of my head - fringe and shorter layers. The scent is amazing and i love how light my hair feels. The scent does fade away throughout the day sadly.

I feel like this product has truly made my hair healthier. This is considered a 'treatment' after all.Well worth the buy!

Would I repurchase: Absolutely!I cant believe i have lived without this product for so long!

I bought Moroccan Oil from a Salon for R495

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Inglot Lip Paint 17 Review


Glossy not Sticky
Does not bleed without a lip pencil.
Awesome product
Where to Buy
Inglot Stores


The Inglot paints are 1 of the most amazing things I have come across.

It looks and feels like a lipstick but it appears to be a very gorgeous gloss on the lip.

I have the duo nr 17 which has 1 gloss and 1 lip paint.

I get loads of compliments when I wear this on my lip and even more when people see the packaging because its very classy and compact.

I love the formulation because it makes your lips super glossy and NEVER sticky.

Pigmentation on this lip paint is stunning! The colour in the cube is exactly what you will expect on your lip.


I love that its, glossy not sticky
Gorgeous pigmentation
Does not bleed
Packaging is sturdy
Does not show fine lines on the lip.

With this product, you also need to carry a lipbrush every where you go.

I do recommend this and I recommend that you go in store to purchase!
Retails at R179
Versatile colour
Extremely gorgeous!!!

Smashbox Splendid Lipstick Review

Splendid is Spendid INDEED!
Sheer,coral,glossy finish to the lip.perfect for Srring!
Where to Buy

Pretty Coral

The color is a glossy coral pink that is semi opaque.
When i saw this lipstick online at Rubybox,i thought it would be a bright coral but when i received it,it was a very light,natural glossy coral color. It does have a shimmering effect to it.

For me personally,i cannot wear this lipstick on its own.I usually apply lipgloss over it just for a pop :)

It is moisturizing and i have dry lips so it works great.I love the way it just glides on your lips.I love the creamy formula.


Its a very sheer color,you can rub it 10 times and it will still appear on your lips AND even better!

The color does not show as much if you have pigmented lips but if you really love the color then dab some concealer on your lip and glide on Splendid :) 
Natural on the lip
Nice sheer colour for Spring or Summer.Appears to be a bright coral but in fact,it is a very light coral that gives your lips a glow.

I bought mine from Rubybox at a bargain for only R64.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Essie French Affair Review


This is a sensual, sophisticated soft lavender pink lacquer

Where to Buy
Selected Salons

What a breath of fresh air.
Essie products are so gorgeous!The one i am going review today is called "French Affair"

‘French Affair’ is an pale girly pink with cool undertones and a cream finish.This is a stunning nail polish.To be honest ,in the bottle ,the color did not excite me.After i saw my mums nails,i decided to give it a try because it looked so pretty on her nails.

I tried it and FELL IN LOVE! Its baby pink tone is so calming and pretty.
I love that it dried very quick but also,thanks to the help of Revlon Nail Care quick dry spray! After i painted my nails,i sprayed the 60 seconds Revlon Dry spray and it really does live up to its name! It dried in no time :)


I received so many compliments while wearing this color.i love the shine that the Essie polish gives my nails.

Essie retails at R99.95
The color lasted me around 4 days.
I applied 2 coats to avoid that streaky effect.
It was a little streaky and patchy after the first coat but was fully opaque after the second.
I love the Revlon Dry Spray especially when you are in a rush and need your nails to dry really quick!
I used the Avon Glitter polish which is around R30.Its in a small bottle but is actually lasting me for a very long time! 
Totally worth the buy!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Essence Stay With Me Lipgloss-Cotton Candy Review


The name Stay With Me Long-Lasting Lip gloss by Essence says it all!This brand is absolutely fabulous and budget friendly!
Where to Buy

The Magic Wand -Applicator

The name Stay With Me Long-Lasting Lip gloss by Essence says it all!
How pretty
The texture is so deliciously creamy that it's simply irresistible.
My favorite thing about this lip gloss is that ,it does not leave that sticky feeling on your lips after you have applied it on.Its extremely moisturizing and i LOVE that!
I applied this gloss on at 11am and it is now 3pm!Guess what? This lip gloss is still on my lips ,shiny,moisturizing and with that subtle pop of color .im actually surprised it is lasting so long on my lip.I did not even need to apply a lip balm before i applied this gloss on,its actually a lip balm itself!Im so impressed and much more impressed because Essence products are so affordable and their quality is awesome!Even better than some of the high end products i have tried.INCREDIBLE!

Cotton Candy

The special shape of the applicator allows an effortless application.
I got the color "Cotton Candy",It is bright pink in the packaging but it is actually quite light on the lip.

I also must mention the scent of this lip gloss,it really does smell like cotton candy.It has a sweet,fruity tutty smell to it.Gorgeous!

There are so many colors to choose from!Trendy colors are waiting to make your lips pop!

I love this product and adore the brand!
Awesome packaging.
Smells Delicious.

I only have good things to say :)

Model Inc Fibre Lashes Review


Eyelash extensions all in a little bottle. 
Where to Buy

Pretty Packaging In Pink

The goal of this product is to give you long, thick eyelashes instead of going to get eyelash extensions.

It comes with 2 mascaras.1 is a normal black mascara and the other little 1 has like white fluff on it. Instructions are to coat with black mascara then coat with fibre lash and then finally finishing off with another coat of black mascara.They say on the box that you should coat your eyelashes from the bottom to the tip with the white fluff mascara.
I actually feel its better when I apply the white fluff only on the tip...I feel my eyelashes are longer.

Left-No Mascara and Right-Model inc

This is a very high end and pricey product but I think that there are better mascaras out there that cost much less.I guess if you use a an eyelash curler, it also plays a part.I sometimes take my hairdryer and heat up my eyelash curler and my lashes curl beautifully. 
Creating a Review Video 

Very expensive.i have tried on better mascaras which are much more affordable. I bought this from the Rubybox 80% off sale so I was one of the lucky ones to try this product out at such an affordable usually cost R350 and I bought it for R120.
Check the lashes out :)