Monday, 26 August 2013

Avon Metal Eyes Eyeshadow Quad and Avon Primer in Light Beige Review

Avon just released a new range of eye shadow quads,lip crayons and lipsticks.

You will find all the new products in the current Avon brochure.
I have the Avon primer for eyes to review and the eye shadow quad called Metal Eyes! :)

Avon Primer and Quad

Tells you where the numbered eye shadow goes on which parts of the eye

Where to Buy
From any Avon Representative

-Avon promises Rich colors that glide on your eye preventing any creasing.
-Shades suitable for EVERY skin tone.
-Smokey eyes have never been this easy because the eye shadows are numbered and the box tell you what goes where.

1.Lightest:Brow Bone
2.Accent:Inner Corner
3.Medium:Outer Corner
     4.Darkest:Lash lines


The fun part is experimenting and applying the colors where ever you want but the numbered eye shadow helps...ALOT.

-The color in the pan is the same color that appears on your eyes which i love and swatching is not even necessary.
I did a swatch of the Metal Eyes quad.

Metal Eyes is a collection of Shimmer White,Gold,Bronzed Brown and Gunpowder Glitter/Pewter.
All these shadows are very pigmented and the white and gold/yellow shadow have the MOST sparkle to them.

These shades swatched nicely especially the pigmented yellow gold..a very rich glittery yellow.
The white shadow is very sparkly and you do not see much of the white.Its very sheer.

I also used an Avon eye primer which is just creamy and gorgeous! I got the 1 in light beige and the texture is so buttery.It just glided on my eye so a little goes a long way!
This primer really keeps eye shadow in place.After i did my look,i wanted to try another and it was so hard for my shadows to come off! So this quad is best paired up with the Avon eye primer.

Avon Primer in Light Beige

Primer swatched

When the darker shades gets blended out ,its starts to look sheer :( i guess thats normal so it is more wearable,but you just keep have to applying and layer it up if you want a more dramatic look.
Use a blending brush and just blend!!!!
Quality wise ,i would say its average.I did not like the fallout when applying the shadows on my eye.

With this quad,its best to do eye shadow first then the rest of your face.

This shadows lasted me about a few hours - i kept on touching up on my outer corners because i went for a smokey effect.


The Avon Eye shadow Palette Range

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