Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Beauty Blogger -Diary Of A Makeup Geek Giveaway

Hi Beauties

So,i follow allot of beauty bloggers and i learn allot from all their tutorials.
So today i want to point out 1 of the beauty bloggers that are on my favourite list!
Her name is Aqeela and she has a lovely blog Diary Of A Makeup Geek.
She is extremely inspiring because she learnt on her own and she is incredibly talented.
She has a makeup theme once a month where beauty bloggers around the world send her pics and she will feature them on her blog.Thats my favorite part of her blog because it shows how creative we can be :)


I wanted to share her giveaway with everyone because it is an international giveaway and the goodies are seriously to DIE FOR!!!

Most of these beauty products are not available in South Africa so it would be sweet heaven if one of us South African girls win it :)

Follow Aqeela on Facebook here
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She is showing love to her fans and followers

Check out what shes giving away :)

Nars Gift Set

MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick

Soap & Glory Hand Food & Maybelline Baby Lips

Illamasqua S.O.P.H.I.E Blusher

Sigma Creme De Couture Palette

Huge bunch of samples

Aqeela is choosing the winner through Rafflecopter-Goodluck everyone :)

Check her blog out here.

Rubybox Review

FIRST there was Glambox


 then there was Glossybox 


and now there is RUBYBOX :)


Because I am obsessed with all things beauty, I just assume that every woman knows what a "Rubybox" is and the beautiful ladies in South Africa dont know what they missing out on!
Rubybox is not about free products or been greedy for free things as some may think.
Its about the excitement in not knowing what you are going to get and the convenience of having the latest beauty products delivered to your doorstep.I personally dont have the patience to browse around in a crowded area so i rather shop at the Rubybox online store.On the Rubybox website,you get to fill in a beauty profile and Rubybox will send you your dose of customized beauty. Not everyone's Rubybox is the same because not everyone's beauty profile is the same.

Rubybox subscription is R119 a month.
You can subscribe for a month to month subscription,3month,6months or 12months.The longer period you subscribe for , the higher discount you will receive on your subscription.

Rubybox is a box filled with beauty products handpicked just for you.Most boxes contain 4-5 samples..Rubybox delivers the latest beauty products which we can try out and if we like it we can buy it online on the Rubybox website.This is great for us busy woman who dread  the highly crowded shopping malls.

The more you buy on the Rubybox website, the more discount you will get on your next purchase because everytime you buy, you get Rubypoints ;) The Rubybox website also contains beauty products not available in SA such as Urban Decay and Sephora to list a few.

I get my Rubybox delivered to my work and everyone crowds my desk to see what I got...which is not so cool because I am the last 1 to see what I got :( I get so excited when reception emails me to say "there is a parcel for you, pls collect before close of business".

Gosh...the last time I opened my Rubybox, my colleague was like "oh my god thats so cool" and then I hear her tell the other girl "oh my god I cant believe she spent R119 on R40 worth of things" which really ticked me off but anywhoooo some people just dont get the point.I think its an awesome concept from Rubybox and they have my support all the way and they continue to improve with each box.
So this month my Rubybox came a bit late but I felt much better when I opened up an apology note from The Rubies.It was definitely worth the wait!

Oh and i must make mention of the AWESOME SALES that Rubybox has on their online store! Its incredible!i really end up with a massive Rubybox haul! Click on Rubybox to check out their website.

Last month I received a R100 coupon to spend on the Rubybox store so I bought 4 softlips :) (There was no minimum spend).

Last month Rubybox also had a thing where we must choose 3 extra sample we would like with our box, so I chose a Rubybox tweezer, a Rubybox eyeshadow brush and a black eyeliner.

So,lets get down to the goodies i received!

Sample of the Kerastase Elixir Ultime (Hair Perfume) -Full size retails at R445 
Sample of the Tuscan Sour Bath and Shower Gel -Full size retails at R209.95
Sample of the Tuscan Soul Body Lotion -Full size retails at R299.95
Sample of the Girogio Armani Femme Eau de Parfum - Full size retails at R959
Sample of the Girogio Armani Homme Eau de Toilette-Full size retails at R819

Here are some pics :) 

Rubybox Packaging

The Goodies
The Extras :) 
Everything All Together :)

The Card We Receive In Our Box Explaining In Detail Whats The Contents Of The Box Are And How Much The Full Sized Product Retails At



Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Chanel Revelation Le Blush Creme de Chanel Review

It was pure luxury when i swiped some Chanel Revelation on my cheek.My new fave!
Revelation is a very natural color on the cheek,a soft pink that's shimmery but not too shimmery.It is shimmery on your cheeks but there is no sparkle in the blush which is great!
Its creme in the pan but when you apply to your cheeks,its so velvety and turns into a blendable powder. Its really amazing and it is amazing quality!
I love the creme to powder foundations.
So i know that Chanel blushes usually have a pretty scent but this 1 does not and i was a bit sad because this was my first Chanel product that i bought but i guess its good news to those with sensitive skin.

Chanel Revelation

Packaging-Black Velvet Pouch

If you feel it appears to light on your cheeks,you can always layer it up.
It look great on a fresh face and it lasts all day long.I do spray Mac Fix spray so i also think that plays a huge part in its staying power.
Without my Mac Fix Spray,i would say a touch up every 4 hours.
I think that this blush will work well with any skin tone.Its very versatile.
This is a satin blush which explains the velvetyness :)
You can apply with a brush or your fingers..well since im still hunting for the best blush brush(any suggestions?)
I am using my fingers and it does a great job! It really does.

Wearing Chanel Revelation Applied Lightly With My Fingers

Next on my list is Chanel Presage which is what i originally wanted but its not in the country as yet :(
There is a delay with the shipment and i am calling everyday (just in case) ! :) I think i am becoming quite a pest hahaha
I have NO regrets whatsoever when i purchased this blush.I actually want ALL ..oh well let see what happens :) maybe i will win the lottery lol
I am very loyal to Mac and always will be but when it comes to blushes....i am now leaning more toward Chanel.Its really worth the buy and EVERY WOMAN should own atleast 1 Chanel product :)
Packaging-Gorgeous and i feel really special because it comes in a black velvet pouch
Longetivity-Touch up every 4 hours.Once the fading begins,its starts to disappear very quickly


I layered It Up On My Face For A More Dramatic Effect But I Prefer It Natural

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Mac Posey Review

This blush gives a dewy finish which is so nice!I think this shade will flatter any shade even though it looks bright pink in the pan,it depends how you apply it and how dramatic you want it to appear.

Mac Posey

Where to Buy
Mac Store


Hi Beauties :)

I thought i could review a creme blend blush today from Mac and it is called Posey.
It is my first creme blush and i am in love with it.
I always used powder blushes which is nice but its also nice to try something new and i am sure glad i did!


So i have read alot of blog reviews about this blush.Some say its a warm peach,a hot pink even a coral LOL.
It shows up as a warm pink on my skin depends on how dramatic i want it,if i use alot of product,it is a hot pink
Its a color that i thought i would never wear but is the most flattering in my makeup case so far :)
I love to wear this lightly to give me a natural flushed look.
I apply this with my fingers patting on my cheekbones and blending with my fingers as well-when i am in a rush :)

This blush gives me a fresh,dewy look that i am loving!
The staying and blending power is amazing.

I am wearing Mac Posey in this pic

This blush give a dewy finish which is so nice!I think this shade will flatter any shade even though it looks bright pink in the pan,it depends how you apply it and how dramatic you want it to appear.

Posey stays on me ALL DAY! I don't even need to touch up.
Flattering on all skin tones
Blending is a dream with this blush
Dewy finish
GREAT pigmentation
Base for powder blushes if you not comfortable wearing it on its own

Using your finger may dirty the blush
Blush can get a bit messy in the container

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Urban Decay Primer Potion Review

Hello Beauties:) 

The product is marketed as:

"This is it – THE most legendary primer in the beauty industry. Eyeshadow Primer Potion is coveted by makeup artists and makeup junkies alike because it guarantees more vibrant eyeshadow that lasts for 24 hours and NEVER CREASES! Once you experience its powers (plus how smoothly it glides on – an added bonus) you’ll never want to live without it. Original formula dries down invisibly, while Eden, Sin and Greed are shades that can also be worn as shadows or highlighters!

Set Of Urban Decay Primers R399

Where to Buy
Rubybox Online Store
Hi Beauties
Are you an eye shadow person? If yes, you NEED this!
My Collection

This review is LONG overdue.I bought my primer set a few months ago from Rubybox for R399.
There are 4 primers in the set and it is really worth it,worth every cent actually!
There are four different colors for this eyeshadow primer- Original ( light beige); Greed (light yellowish shimmer gold); Sin (champagne shimmer) and Eden (light matte beige).

On blending, the potion becomes invisible and disappears into the skin 
You have been warned that these primers literally grabs the eyeshadow onto the lids like a magnet so its best not to make mistakes :)
Even really bad eyeshadows look extremely VIBRANT over these primers!
This product eliminates oiliness from your eyelids and you only need a TINY bit for each eye.

Colours and Uses: Greed, Sin and Eden can be used as eyeshadows or highlights.
Greed: It's highly pigmented light shimmery yellow gold .
Original: This is a very light beige
Sin: shimmery champagne with pink undertones (My Fave)
Eden: light matte beige

Texture: very light and smooth and blends over your own eyelid easily.Its like a mousse liquid texture.

Packaging: Its in these very cute potion genie like bottles with an applicator wand. While I haven't gotten to the point where I've used so much primer that I'm at the end of the bottle, I've read ALOT of internet outrage at product being stuck in the bottle and not being able to get at all of it. Some people were even cutting open the packaging to get to it, which is a little extreme but if you're like me then you would want to get all the product for which you paid for.Even though the bottle looks cute,Im not a fan because the product is then stuck in the curves of the bottle.I see Urban Decays packaging is now different (Tubeform) which is much better.

New Packaging

Longevity: 10/10-yes i did the test of passing out with my makeup on lol i know its so wrong *beautyfail* but when i woke up,my eye makeup was still so PERFECT and intact! Amazing!The shadows were still in place and NO creasing.I was seriously impressed.Passing out with makeup on,i promise to never do that again!

Cost: It is very pricey.I paid R400 for my set of 4 primers from Not all Urban Decay products are available in South Africa but Rubybox have selected Urban Decay products which is quite nice :)
They had  the Urban Decay Naked FAMOUS eyeshadow palette on their online store but it was sold out a day!!!!

Solution to get product out of your tube:
When you THINK its finished:
1 bottle can last a very long time and when you think it is finished,you can still savior whats left in the bottle and it is quite alot of product.
Just pop it into the microwave for a few seconds
Cut the bottle in half
And scrape the product into a little container

Your primer is NOT finished!!!!

I honestly do not regret this buy,in fact ,its my favorite product because i love my smokey eyes and been creative with eye makeup.
On blending side of things, the potion becomes invisible and disappears into the skin You have been warned that these primers literally grabs the eyeshadow onto the lids like a magnet so its best not to make mistakes :)Even really bad eyeshadows look extremely VIBRANT over these primers!This product emlinates oiliness from your eyelids and you only need a TINY bit for each eye.