Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Smashbox Splendid Lipstick Review

Splendid is Spendid INDEED!
Sheer,coral,glossy finish to the lip.perfect for Srring!
Where to Buy

Pretty Coral

The color is a glossy coral pink that is semi opaque.
When i saw this lipstick online at Rubybox,i thought it would be a bright coral but when i received it,it was a very light,natural glossy coral color. It does have a shimmering effect to it.

For me personally,i cannot wear this lipstick on its own.I usually apply lipgloss over it just for a pop :)

It is moisturizing and i have dry lips so it works great.I love the way it just glides on your lips.I love the creamy formula.


Its a very sheer color,you can rub it 10 times and it will still appear on your lips AND even better!

The color does not show as much if you have pigmented lips but if you really love the color then dab some concealer on your lip and glide on Splendid :) 
Natural on the lip
Nice sheer colour for Spring or Summer.Appears to be a bright coral but in fact,it is a very light coral that gives your lips a glow.

I bought mine from Rubybox at a bargain for only R64.

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