Thursday, 31 October 2013

Prevent Your Eye Concealer From Creasing-3 Easy Steps

So the other im busy putting my makeup on...i check up on it a few hours later and i notice that my eye concealer has creased under my eye. THE HORROR! I thought OH MY GOD! Am i getting wrinkles?? But after i googled this,i found that alot of woman have this problem.
The concealer settles into the fine lines under the eye and it really is not a pretty sight!

After searching for solutions  and testing it out,i discovered the best solution for me.

I love this way because im always rushing to get to work in the morning so this is simple and quick.

What you need: A wedge sponge,eye primer and a good setting powder.

Step 1

Make sure that your eye area is not oily.
Prime your under eye area just as you would prime your eyelid.(I use the Urban Decay Primer).

Step 2

Apply concealer to your under eye area.

Step 3

Use a brush or sponge wedge to apply the setting powder under your eye.
Dust off any excess (to avoid excess product causing it to cake or crease)

Thats it! Try not to go overboard with the powder because then it will defeat the purpose.

I used my Urban Decay eye primer(check my review on this primer here ,my Mac concealer and my Smashbox setting powder(Opan invisible oil blocking powder is good too)

What i used to prevent concealer creasing

Well,this is what works for me,what works for you?

Please feel free to share your beauty secrets under comments!I would love to read about it :)


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