Monday, 25 November 2013

Avon Mega Effects Mascara Review

When i saw this little mascara packaged in pink and black,i knew that i MUST own it!

So i ordered it for R100 from an Avon representative and i tested it out.


The mascara looks cute and is very compact as well.The applicator itself is a wide brush with an adjustable handle made for an easier ,less messy, application.It resembles a paint brush and i have never seen a mascara like this before!


It really gives your lashes a pop of volume and some length.

BUT honestly,it did NOT do it for me.I tried it twice and it will be the last time i use this only because it is so MESSY! It was a bit clumpy on my lashes as well and i could not reach those lashes towards the inner corner of my eye.The paintbrush applicator was not helpful at all.

So,that was my honest opinion.Whats your thoughts on this mascara?

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